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Arriving by cruise ship? Get value for money with Green Island Tours! 


For one-day stop overs, Green Island Tours offers the Highlights of Rapa Nui Tour, covering all of the must-visit sites of Easter Island with a knowledgable and professional guide. The tour starts with the most important sites first, working backwards to the sites of less significance later, guaranteeing you the best value for your time.


For two day stopovers, we seek to give a thorough overview of the island, visiting all the major sites from our the Moai Monuments Tour and the Historic Pathways Tour. For more information and details, see these tours in the Tours section.


With many years experience working with cruises, Green Island Tours guarantees you an unforgettable time on the island. If you are arriving on a cruise ship which is not in the list below, contact us and we will put together an amazing experience for you.


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