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North Coast Adventurer

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The largely untouched North Coast is one of the treasures of Easter Island that only the most adventurous ever get to experience. As there are no roads to this part of the island, it is accesible only by foot or on horseback. Gaze upon the ruins of dozens of ahu and fallen moai that pepper this coastline and visit the various other sites of interest that hide among the rocks and lava flows. Absorb the quiet and isolated atmosphere at the seaside oasis of Hanga o Teo before being rewarded with a view of the coconut grove, turquoise water and white sands of Anakena Beach.

From USD 420

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Ahu Ma'itaki Te Moa - An ahu with a few fallen moai and some impressive stonework on its ocean side.


Ahu Vai Mata - An ahu complex with moai collapsed on its forecourt, tens of metres from its final destination that it never reached. Nearby sits a bunker built into the ground that, according to island legend, was used a prison during times of warfare.


Ana Nga Heu - A single cave with several petroglyphs of the Rapanui god, Makemake. 


Hanga o Teo - The remnants of an old cattle station set up against the backdrop of the impressively steep slopes of Mt Terevaka. The grove of coconut palms stands out like an oasis in the comparatively barren landscape.


Papa Te Kena - The remains of some ancient dwellings and some petroglyphs.


Anakena Beach - An apt reward for a day's worth of hiking. Clear blue waters, white sands, coconut groves, and a range of service providers selling food and beverages.

  • Ahu Ma'itaki Te Moa
  • Ahu Vai Mata
  • Ana Nga Heu (Makemake Cave)
  • Hanga o Teo
  • Papa Te Kena
  • Anakena Beach
  • Duration - Approximately six hours
  • Difficulty Level - Medium
  • Please take note to wear sturdy footwear, apply sunscreen and bring at least 2L of drinking water per person.
  • During the summer, this hike departs at 7:30AM to avoid walking during the hottest part of the day.


  1. Ahu Ma'itaki Te Moa
  2. Ahu Vai Mata
  3. Ana Nga Heu (Makemake Cave)
  4. Hanga o Teo
  5. Papa Te Kena
  6. Playa de Anakena