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Azamara Cruise 24-25 Jan 2024 / Two days of Tour

A partir de USD 295

See all the best sites on Easter Island with a fun filled two days of tour. This includes transport to the sites and a knoweldgable english speaking guide to bring everything to life. Relax, and leave it up to us for a stress free visit to Easter Island. $US295 covers two full days of tour and the only outstanding amount payable will be to the national park (payable to the park upon arrival) which costs $80.


We will be  waiting at the docking area when you arrive and will seek to get you on your tour as soon as possible. Look for a table reading Green Island Tours and talk to the co-ordinator there. They will direct you to your vehicle. Drop off back to the tender is at least a hour before the last tender so as not to cut it too fine. 

Although uncommon, it is possible that the tenders can not make it to shore becasue of unfavorable weather conditons. In this case we will keep $60 per day to cover costs at our end ($120 if both days you can not make it) and the rest will be refunded. 



A partir de USD 295

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  1. Isla de Pascua