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Horse Riding Excursion

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Enjoy the beauty of Rapa Nui, traversing the island on horseback. Visit a range of different archeological sites with an informed guide that will help bring the island's history to life.

A partir de USD 320

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Choose one or more of four routes to visit - 


North Coast - Experience the rugged north coast with stops at various different platforms, an ancient prison site, Ana o Heu (a cave covered in Makemake petroglyphs), other petroglyphs that pepper the coastline, and the beautiful secluded bay of Hanga o Teo, before finishing at Anakena Beach.


Mt Terevaka - Absorb this island's isolation with a 360 degree view from its highest point, Mt Terevaka. Begin at Roiho, and head up to the summit before looping back down the mountain to finish at Ahu Akivi.


Poike Peninsula - Ride to the summit of the Pū a Katiki volcano, stopping on the way at Vai a Heva (a large petroglyph/water receptacle), before visiting numerous small moai hewed from trachyte (a hard stone found on the peninsula), as well the Martian-red earth of Kavakava Kio'e and the petroglyphs at Ana o Keke (White Virgin Cave).


Roiho Caves - Visit the caves of Ana Kakenga (Two Windows Cave), Ana Te Pora, Ana Te Pahu (Banana Cave) and take in the impressive stonework on the platform of Ahu Te Peu.


Duration - 4-5 hours


For beginners all the way through to the advanced.


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