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Extreme Three-day Horse Trekking Adventure

A partir de USD 1'190

Come to the island bringing your sense of adventure and go on our Extreme Adventure Horseback Tour! Explore differently, traversing the island on horseback, camping out under the stars and fishing the waters of the ocean, all with your own private guide. Visit the three locations that are usually done on our day hikes - the North Coast, Poike Peninsula and Mt Terevaka. Tour includes use of all camping and fishing equipment, food and transport. 


NOTE: This activity needs a minimum of two people before it can take place.

A partir de USD 1'190

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Day 1 - Head north from Tahai, stopping at the lone moai at Hanga Kio'e, before visiting the caves of Ana Kakenga (Two Windows Cave) and Ana Te Pora. Continue north, passing by the impressive platform of Ahu Te Peu, and visit the many other interesting archeological sites that pepper the coastline. Spend some time surveying the petroglyphs of the character Makemake in the cave, Ana Ngā Heu, and visit the beautiful bay of Hanga o Teo before being rewarding with the turquoise blue water, white sands and palm trees upon arrival at the campsite at Anakena Beach in the evening.


Day 2 - Leave Anakena and journey towards Rano Raraku, the crater where the moai were made, by way of the old Vaitea sheep ranch. Stop by and absorb the grandeur of the fifteen moai at Ahu Tongariki on the way to visit the unique and interesting sites of the Poike Peninsula - the volcano crater of Pū a Katiki, several trachyte moai, a martian-like landscape, ancient stellar observatories and the cave, Ana o Keke (Cave of the White Virgins). Head down from the peninsula and travel back to the campsite at Anakena Beach, stopping at Pū o Hiro (Trumpet Stone), the petroglyphs at Papa Vaka, and Te Pito Kura, the site of the magnetic stone and the fallen moai of Paro, the largest moai to ever stand on a platform.


Day 3 - Head out from Anakena and enjoy the stunning morning light at Ovahe Beach before heading inland towards the largest riverbed on the island, Ava Ranga Uka. Carry on up the riverbed past the lone moai "Hānuanuamea" up to the Hibiscus Caves, before passing the crater lake of Rano Aroi to reach the summit of Mt Terevaka. Head down the mountain to the finish point of the seven moai at Ahu Akivi.


NOTE: This activity needs a minimum of two people before it can take place.

  • Three days horseriding around some of the most interesting parts of the island
  • Two nights camping at Anakena Beach
  • Exploration of the coastal caves and the northwestern coast of the island
  • Visit Rano Raraku and Tongariki by way of the old Vaitea ranch before heading up to explore the Poike Peninsula
  • Ride back to town by way of Ava Ranga Uka, Mt Terevaka and the seven moai at Ahu Akivi.


  1. Tahai
  2. Hanga Kio'e
  3. Ana Kakenga
  4. Ana Te Pora
  5. Ahu Te Peu
  6. Ahu Te Niu
  7. Ahu Ma'itaki Te Moa
  8. Ahu Vai Mata
  9. Ana Ngā Heu
  10. Ahu a Tanga
  11. Basalt Moai
  12. Hanga o Teo
  13. Papa Te Kena
  14. Anakena Beach
  15. Campsite
  16. Rano Raraku
  17. Ahu Tongariki
  18. Ahu Rikiriki
  19. Kavakava Kio'e
  20. Papa U'i Hetu'u
  21. Ma'ea Matariki
  22. Ana o Keke
  23. Compass Petroglyphs
  24. Moai at Ma'unga Parehe
  25. Small Trachyte Moai
  26. Pū a Katiki
  27. Vai a Heva
  28. Ahu Mahatua
  29. Pū o Hiro
  30. Papa Vaka
  31. Papa Vaka
  32. Ahu Te Pito Kura
  33. Ahu Te Pito Kura
  34. Campsite
  35. Campsite
  36. Ava Ranga Uka
  37. Ava Ranga Uka
  38. Moai Hānuanuamea
  39. Moai Hānuanuamea
  40. Hibiscus Caves
  41. Hibiscus Caves
  42. Rano Aroi
  43. Rano Aroi
  44. Terevaka Summit
  45. Terevaka Summit
  46. Ahu Akivi
  47. Ahu Akivi