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Green Island Tours recommends that all customers take at least the first two tours listed below. These two days of tour will include all the major sites of Easter Island that can be reached by vehicle. Having done these tours, you may then like to do any one of the additional tours that we offer.

Please note that your National Park ticket (US$80 per person) and food are not included in the price unless specified.

If you are on the island for a short time and want to get the absolute most out of your time, please take a look at our Combination Tour Ideas at the bottom of the page.

Remember that all tours can be changed to suit your specific preferences and we are available 24 hrs a day by email. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries and you will be sure to receive a prompt reply. Just click on any of the following tours for more details. The following is a basic overview on the tours. For more in depth information, click on the box tour name at the bottom of the page for a detailed overview.


Introductory Tours:

Moai Monuments Tour - This is the best introductory tour available where you will visit the bulk of the main archaeological sites on the island pertaining to the famous moai statues.

Duration -  6.5 - 7 hrs. A total of about one hour throughout the day is spent in the vehicle getting from place to place, with no more the 25 minutes travel at one time.

Historic Pathways Tour - This tour compliments the Moai Monuments Tour. After doing these two tours, you will have seen most of the main archaeological sites accessible by vehicle and will have a good grasp of the overall history of Easter Island.

Duration -  6.5 - 7 hrs. A total of about one hour throughout the day is spent in the vehicle getting from place to place, with no more the 25 minutes travel at one time. 

Highlights Tour - This is a combination of the most relevant places visited during Moai Monuments and Historic Pathways Tours.  If you are only able to do one tour on the island, this is the one we would recommend.

Duration -  7.5 hrs. A total of about one hour throughout the day is spent in the vehicle getting from place to place, with no more the 25 minutes travel at one time. 


Full-Day Trekking Options:

Poike Explorer - This tour involves hiking the oldest area of the island and the second highest point. With 200 meter cliffs, various caves, carvings and moais, the Poike Explorer is a great option if you want to visit places off the beaten track.
Time - approx 5.5 hours of walking, starting and finishing at the same place.

North Coast Adventurer - A Walk along the northwestern part of the island. and visit several ancient villages, moai and caves.  This is  another great opportunity to experience an isolated area of Easter Island. (6hrs approx with drop off and pick up in different places).

Summit to Subterranean - Feel like you have conquered the island as you walk to the highest point of the island, following the islands only stream before descending toward Hanga Roa, stopping at a couple of cave systems on the way. (6 hours total).

Half-day Tour Options:

Vai a Tare Crater Walk - Walk the outer rim of the Crater of Ranu Kau with beautiful views into the crater and towards the small islets off the coast (3 hrs total).

Tongariki Sunrise - Witness Easter Island's most amazing sunrisei as the sun silhouettes the gigantic 15 moai of Ahu Tongariki. (The tour starts an hour before sunrise and ends early enough to have you back in time for breakfast at your hotel).


Extreme Adventure Tour

Explore differently! Traverse the island on horseback, quad bikes or on foot, camping out under the stars and fishing the waters of the ocean, all with your own private guide. This includes all camping equipment, food and transport. Contact us if you would like to know more to see if we can put together your own personalized adventure tour!


Combination Tour Ideas and Deals:

Two Half Days and one Full Day - This is a great idea if you arrive on a midday flight and are here just for one full day on the island. (Pricing is for private tours) 

Day 1 - Half-day Historic Pathways Tour

Day 2 - Moai Monuments Tour *picnic lunch

Day 3 -  Sunrise Tour - back to breakfast - Half-day Historic Pathways Tour and transfer to airport.

Cost for 2 people $725 (usually $780 - You save $55USD)


Two Half Days and two Full Days

Day 1 (arrival day) - Full-day Historic Pathways Tour with late start (usually about 2pm) and late finish (about 7pm)

Day 2 - Moai Monuments Tour *picnic lunch included 

Day 3 - Trekking - Either Poike Explorer or North Coast Adventurer

Day 4 - Tongariki Sunrise 

Cost for 2 people - $965 (you save $75)




Recommended Tours

Moai Monuments Tour

Uncover the secrets of Easter Island by piecing together the many clues given to us by the gigantic sculpted megaliths that cover this mysterious land. Start the journey by visiting the ahu platf...
From USD 90
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Historic Pathways Tour

Unearth some of the gems of Easter Island´s fascinating past with stops at several significant sites of interest. Head to Puna Pau, the small crater that acted as the scoria quarry for the ...
From USD 260
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Highlights of Rapa Nui

This tour looks to fit in the must see highlights of the island in one day, mixing the best from the Moai Monuments Tour and the Historic Pathways Tour. Beginning at the seven statues of Ahu Akivi, the only restored inland group of moai, survey the history of the Rapanui people and the various theories on why they constructed the moai and how they transported them. From there, head to Anakena Beach and Ahu Nau Nau, the cradle of Rapanui civilization, where the royal family lived and the first Polynesian voyagers arrived. Soak up the sights at this palm-fringed golden sand beach and jewel amidst a coastline of jagged rocks before continuing to Ahu Tongariki, the largest line up of moai on the island. Fifteen colossal megaliths stare down from an incredible height, now restored to their former glory after having been overthrown by the islanders during the 18th century.   Explore the volcano crater and stone quarry of Rano Raraku, the birth place of the statues, where about a thousand moai were fashioned and over three hundred still lay in various stages of carving. Towards the end of the day, drive the road along the rugged south coast before ascending up to the mile-wide volcano crater of Rano Kau - the most stunning natural wonder of the island. Enjoy the late afternoon light visiting the ceremonial village of Orongo, where once a year, certain warriors and chiefs from each of the island's clans would dwell for a month before a competion of epic proportions would take place, determining the island's next Birdman and ruler for the following year.

Oceania Marina TWO-DAY Tour - January 22-23, 2018.

Green Island Tours is offering shore excursions for the Oceania Marina on January 22-23, 2018. We will supply a knowledgable English-speaking guide, and will have a 12-16 seater vehicle for a maximum of 16 people for the two days the Oceania Marina is anchored (sold as a two day package). This is a smaller tour group for a more personalized experience and will be TWO DAYS of tour covering all the major sites on the island, very similar to those we have laid out on our website under the Moai Monuments Tour, and the Historic Pathways Tour. The cost is $240 per person total for the two days ($480 per couple). You will be provided with a snack box and drinking water each day of the tour in order to maximise the use of your time.   The tour will require a $100 deposit per person which can be paid by pressing the Book Now feature. Please note that this deposit is non-refundable should the tenders be unable to make port, and will be used to cover costs for the day. The National Park entrance fee is not included and is $80 per person, and is payable to the park in cash upon entrance.   A guide from Green Island Tours will be waiting on both days at the docking area when you arrive and will seek to get you on your tour as soon as possible. Look for a table reading Green Island Tours and talk to the coordinator there. They will direct you to your vehicle. Drop off back to the tender on the first day is at around 4:30pm, while drop off on the second day is about 2:00pm so as not to cut it too fine with the last tenders.   If you would like to make a booking, please do so by clicking on Book Now. Once the payment has been made, we will send you a confirmation email.   *Please note that payment for the tours will be required in CASH and in FULL at the end the FIRST day of tour ($280 per couple or $140 per person). If you can not make it to shore on any day, we will keep $50 from that day's fee and refund the rest.