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Sea Princess 16 August 2017

Make the most of your time with this full day tour visiting the best sites of Easter Island - with a maximum of 16 people you tour can be a more personalised visit.. If you can not make it to shore we will keep $40 to cover costs and refund $80. Please note that the cost does not include food (easily bought along the way) or your national park entrance fee ($80).

  • Rano Raraku
  • Tongariki
  • Anakena
  • Orongo
  • Rano Kau
  • Ahu Akivi

Rano Raraku (quarry of the Moai)

Tongariki (15 Moai)

Anakna Beach

Ceremonial village of Orongo

Ranu Kau

Ahu Akivi (if time)







  1. Isla de Pascua