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Oceania Marina Tours - Jan 22-23 2018

From USD 100

We have a 12-16 seater with a maximum of 16 people going with a good English speaking guide for the two days (sold as a two day package). This is a smaller tour for a more personalized experience. It will be two days of tour covering all the major sites on the island, very similar to those we have laid out on our website under the Moai monuments tour, and the the Birdman cult tour. The cost is $240 per person total for the two days per person ($480 per couple). You will be provided with a snack box and water for the tour so as not to waste too much time.

The tour will require an $100 deposit per person which can be paid by pressing the book now feature. Please note that this deposit is non refundable should the tenders be unable to make port and will be used to cover costs for the day.

 The National Park entrance fee is not included and is $80 total for the two days per person and is payable to the park upon entrance in cash.

We will be waiting for you on both days at the docking area when you arrive. We will seek to get you on your tour asap after your arrival. If you arrive earlier we will be there and if you arrive latter we will be there. Just look for a table reading Green Island Tours and talk to the coordinator there. They will direct you to your bus.

Drop off back to the tender on the first day is around 4:30 while drop off on the second day is about 2:00 so as not to cut it too fine with the last tenders....

 If you would like to make a booking please do so by clicking on Book Now. Once the payment has been made we will send you a confirmation email.

*Please note that payment in CASH and in FULL for the tours will be required at the end the FIRST day of tour ($280 per couple or $140 per person). If you can not make it to shore on days we will keep $50 from that day and refund the rest.

From USD 100

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These 2 days of tour will cover all major sites from the Moai-Monuments tour and from the Birdman tour respectively. Making sure you maximise your time!



  • To book please pay a $100 deposit per person with the outstanding amount of $140 per person to be paid on the first day of tour.