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Highlights Tour

From USD 300

This tour looks to fit in the must see highlights of the island in one day mixing the best from the Moai Monuments Tour and the Birdman tour. Beginning at the seven staues of Ahu Akivi, the only 'inland' group of statues still standing, we explore the ideas of where these people came from and what the statues meant for them. From there, we head to Anakena beach where the royal family lived and the cradle of Rapanui civilization as it was here the first polynesian voyagers arrived. It is a palm fringed golden sanded beach and a jewel amidst a coastline of jagged rocks. Next stop is Tongariki, the largest set of statues on the island. 15 Colosal megaliths stare down from an incredible height restored to their former glory after having been thrown down. Then, we head to Rano Raraku, the birth place of the statues where about 1000 moai were fashioned and over 300 still lay in various stages of carving. From here we go to the Mile wide volcano of Rano Kau- the most beautiful natural wonder of the island. Lastly, we visit the ceremonial Birdman village of Orongo, where once a year certain people would come from each tribe to live for about a month and a competion of epic proportions would take place. 

From USD 300

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