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Poike Explorer

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Throw on your hiking boots and spend the day exploring Easter Island's last frontier, the Poike peninsula. Closed to vehicles since 2005, this remarkable place truly is off the beaten track. Highlights on this hike include the panoramic view from the volcano summit of Pua Katiki, Vai a Heva (a water receptacle carved in the form of a huge face), and several small moai dotted around the peninsula. With its barren slopes, jutting cliffs, isolated ancient statues, and the interesting legends pertaining to this remote part of the island, an excusion to this fascinating place is a must for anyone wanting to dig deeper into the island's history.


From USD 280

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Ma'unga Parehe - Visit a small Trachyte moai on the edge of a high bluff.


Ahu Toremu Hiva - A small ahu a short distance from Ma'unga Parehe.


Ana o Keke - A deep burial cave that is also said to be the "Cave of the White Virgins", where young women would spend time in the cave in purification rights to whiten their skin.


Kavakava Kio'e - The easternmost point of the Poike Peninsula, where the land drops 90m into the ocean and the rusty-coloured terrain looks like Mars.


Ahu Rikiriki - A collection of about a dozen toppled trachyte moai, well-preserved due to the hardness of the material from which they were sculpted.


Pua Katiki - The summit and crater of the Poike volcano, which contains a large grove of eucalyptus trees and a small campsite area. 


Papa 'Ui Hetu'u - Rock used as a stellar observatory in ancient times.


Basalt Moai - One of the smallest recorded moai, unique for having been carved from basalt.


Vai a Heva - A large receptacle for catching rain water, carved in the form of a face.

  • Ma'unga Parehe
  • Ahu Toremu Hiva
  • Ana o Keke
  • Kavakava Kio'e
  • Ahu Rikiriki
  • Pua Katiki
  • Papa 'Ui Hetu'u & Papa Matariki
  • Basalt Moai
  • Vai a Heva
  • Duration - Approximately six hours
  • Difficulty Level - Medium


  1. Ma'unga Parehe
  2. Ahu Toremu Hiva
  3. Ana o Keke
  4. Ana o Neru
  5. Kavakava Kio'e
  6. Ahu Rikiriki
  7. Pua Katiki
  8. Papa 'Ui Hetu'u
  9. Basalt Moai
  10. Vai a Heva