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Moai Monuments Tour

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In ancient times, isolated polynesian people lived in this mysterious land and they expressed themselves through the grandeur of sculpting gigantic monolithic statues. Why is such an astounding feat found here and no other place? And what were the consequences? What compelled these people to push themselves to for the honour of their kings? We will visit amazing sites both restored and insitu, exploring the possibilities and making our way through the islands history. We can never know absolutely everything but with a good guide we can piece together the important elements which made up this amazing culture - while seeing some great sites along the way. 


From USD 90

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Tahai - The morning light is great here in the morning as we explore a restored village of the ancient Islanders and explain about the religious rites and customs which made up every day life.

Rano Raraku - For most people, this is the most exceptional part of the island as literally hundreds of the megalithic statues sit in various stages of carving. This is the birthplace of the Moai, a virtual quarry of statues.

Tongariki - Restored between 1992-96 this is probably the most awe inspiring of the various platforms. Here, 15 of the largest statues set their stone faces like flint, looking eternally toward the setting of the sun and the comparatively insignificant tourists who come to pay hommage.

Te Pito Kura - At 10 meters tall here lies one of the tallest moai ever to be erected, now a vestige of its former glory, and the magnetic circular rock which abounds with legends that will tickle your imagination.

Anakena Beach - The Beach of Anakena belonged to the royal family in Ancient times and it is easy to see why. With its golden sand, coconut palms and royal moai- it truly is one of a kind

  • Tahai
  • Rano Raraku
  • Tongariki
  • Te Pito Kura
  • Anakena Beach
  • duration- 7hrs approx
  • Please note we reserve the right to change the order of the sites visited depending on preference of the guests, weather and other factors.


  1. tahai
  2. Anakena
  3. Te Pito Kura
  4. Tongariki
  5. Ranu Raraku