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Glass-bottom Boat Excursion

From USD 45

Enjoy the crystalline waters and submarine world of Easter Island on the glass-bottom boat, “Meherio Rapa Nui”. Leaving from Hanga Piko, stop by the oceanside cave of Ana Kai Tangata before exploring the marine life and scenery located between the spectacular coastline and the motus (islets) located off the coast of the Rano Kau volcano. See coral reefs, sea bird colonies and various species of fish, before returning to port via the submerged moai located off the coast of Hanga Roa o Tai.


Duration - 1.5 hours

PLEASE NOTE: Travel can be suspended if weather or sea conditions are unfavorable.

From USD 45

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  • Hanga Piko
  • Ana Kai Tangata
  • Motu Kaokao
  • Motu Iti and Motu Nui
  • Submerged moai
  • Hanga Piko
  • Enjoy the underwater world through the hull of the glass-bottom boat
  • Visit Ana Kai Tangata from the ocean side
  • See various types of fish, marine birds and the underwater landscape of Easter Island
  • Visit the three motus (islets) off Rano Kau
  • See up close the place where the Tangata Manu (Bird Man) competition took place
  • Stop at the submerged moai located near Hanga Roa o Tai


  1. Hanga Piko
  2. Ana Kai Tangata
  3. Motu Kaokao
  4. Motu Iti
  5. Motu Nui
  6. Moai Submergido
  7. Hanga Piko