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Rapa Nui Stargazing Experience

From USD 90

ʻUi ki ŋā Hetuʻu – Look to the Stars


History – Polynesian Navigation – Archeoastronomy – Stargazing

Telescope Observation – Night Photography – Legends


Journey back in time to the world of the Polynesian Voyagers with Rapa Nui’s only hands-on stargazing and astronomy experience. Learn about the principles of basic astronomy, the history of Polynesian voyaging and settlement, navigational techniques and the archeo-astronomy of Rapa Nui. Head out to some of the island’s traditional observatory sites to gaze at the night sky on one of the most remote islands in the world, and view stars and constellations visible only in the Southern Hemisphere.


Your guide will point out stars and constellations of interest to the Polynesian navigators, relating some of the stories and legends that are tied to them, and explain techniques on how to find certain cardinal points of the traditional Polynesian compass by using the layout of the night sky. Look at the beauty of the star clusters, nebulae, galaxies, stars and planets visible through our high-powered telescope before with the option of heading to Anakena Beach, Huri a Urenga and Hanga Kioʻe to take spectacular shots of the star-filled sky moai in the foreground. Finish the night with a cup of hot chocolate and a slice of poʻe, a local spin on banana bread.

From USD 90

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8:00pm – 8:30pm – Pickup from accomodation

8:30pm – Presentation on Polynesian history, navigation, basic astronomy and archeoastronomy

9:00pm – Set up telescope, general overview of sky layout, stars and constellations of significance.

10:00pm – Look at visible planets, nebulae, stars and clusters through telescope and binoculars

10:30pm – Head to Anakena

10:45pm – Anakena – View the north-western sky from binoculars and telescope with the option of night photography by the moai

12:00pm – Photography at Huri a Urenga and explanation of the allignment of moai

12:15pm – Drop off

(possible optional photos for avid night photographers.



Because of light pollution’s effect on star visibility, most astronomy tours do not take place three days either side of the full moon. Because of Easter Island's unique character, night photography opportunities and isolation, the Rapa Nui Stargazing Experience will still continue to operate those days, although there will be more emphasis on surveying the moon and planets as many deep sky objects are unable to be seen when the full moon is up. If you are interested in taking part in this tour when visiting the island and want to have the best conditions for stargazing, book your trip when lunar light pollution won't be an issue.


Due to the nature of stargazing, there is always the possibility of cancellation due to cloud cover, rain or high winds. Green Island Tours reserves the right to postpone or cancel tours when atmospheric conditions are not conducive to stargazing. In such cases, a full refund will be offered. Customers have the right to cancellation up until an hour before the tour commences, after which the full payment will be required.


The Rapa Nui Stargazing Experience includes –

  • A short presentation on basic astronomy, Polynesian navigation and archeoastronomy
  • General stargazing and explanation on navigational techniques at different sites
  • Telescope observation of various stars, planets, nebulae, star clusters and galaxies
  • Options for night photography at Ahu Naunau (Anakena), Huri a Urenga (Orito) and Ahu Akapu (Hanga Kioʻe)
  • Use of a red light night vision head lamp
  • Cup of hot chocolate and slice of poʻe
  • Maximum of eight people per tour

Things to bring –

  • Warm clothing
  • Adequate footwear
  • Bottle of water
  • Good digital camera for night photography (optional)


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  5. Hanga Tuʻu Hata
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  8. Hanga Tuʻu Hata
  9. Anakena
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  13. Huri a Urenga
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  16. Huri a Urenga
  17. Hanga Kioʻe
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